When you need a pioneering self-optimizing network software solution, Reverb is the answer.

  • Pioneer
    Reverb Networks has the longest experience and largest patent portfolio in the SON sector, with IPR that covers all the core algorithms of a self-optimizing network solution.
  • Automatic
    Reverb Networks offers an automatic software SON that will reduce your annual operational and capital costs, not one that depends on manual intervention and a huge, expensive services project.
  • Trusted
    Reverb Networks SON system has been proven in live deployments and is trusted to optimize the experience of millions of subscribers in major North American cities.
  • Robust
    Reverb’s InteliSON platform is designed for the real world, where things go wrong, data goes missing & graceful recovery is essential.
  • Dynamic
    Reverb Networks InteliSON system is fully real-time dynamic, which means you can change optimization goals and targets immediately, on the fly.
  • Intuitive
    Reverb Networks InteliSON system works in the way your engineers already understand, using clusters and zones to focus improvements.
  • Reliable
    Reverb’s InteliSON platform is currently in live deployment in several major cities of a North American network, ensuring the customer experience for a population of 3.5 million people.
  • Proven
    The efficacy of Reverb Networks InteliSON core optimization algorithms has been proven in numerous live networks worldwide, resulting in lower drops, high data rates, and lower costs.
  • Effective
    The Total Cost of Ownership for Reverb’s fully-automatic, 24/7/265 software-based InteliSON system is around a tenth that of than an equivalent SON-as-a-Service project.
“Reverb InteliSON was easy-to-use, completely reliable, and produced real world results that we have been struggling to achieve for over a decade.”North American Operator

Reverb InteliSON makes your mobile network experience better, automatically.

“When we investigated suppliers of software-based self-optimizing network solutions, Reverb had everything we needed available immediately, off-the-shelf.”APAC Mobile Operator

Thinking about trialling SON?

Reverb Networks' SON experience shines brightest in live network trials.

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Reverb Networks self-optimizing network platform InteliSON was selected as a Finalist in the 2012 Best LTE RAN Product Awards by LTE RAN Product Awards

Reverb Networks multi-technology self-optimizing network InteliSON system was named as a Finalist in Best Enabling Technology for LTE category of the 2011 Informa LTE North Americas Awards.Informa LTE North America Awards
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Reverb Networks next-generation self-optimizing network platform, InteliSON, was recognized as a Finalist in the BSS/OSS Innovation category of the carrier-judged Fierce Innovation Awards 2012.Fierce Innovation Awards

Join Reverb Networks at the world’s only dedicated self-optimizing network event, SON2014, Amsterdam, 1-2 October 2014.

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Reverb: the only predictive SON available today.

Learn how Reverb InteliSON can make your network react in beyond real-time.